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"A carefully woven mishmash..."

" ...of indie flavors, pop textures, with 80s instrumentation, set to an electronic backbone, Nineteen Eighty Seven’s sound is irresistible.” — Eveleena Fults, WHOA Magazine

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You and Me Versus the World (featuring Mac Lethal) - Gingerclown 3D Soundtrack

Live Performance at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO opening for InnerPartySystem

Making of Music Video for 'You and Me Versus the World' at the Kansas City Art Institute

Listen to the New Single 'Maze'

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Formed in 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri, Nineteen Eighty Seven create catchy electro-pop melodies that capture the imagination of the listener while maintaining accessible song structures. 1987 is comprised of multi-instrumentalist producer Jeremiah Barber (pictured left) and vocalist Nathan Williams (pictured right).

Listen to the New Single 'Tease'

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